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UCAN Affordable Housing

UCAN owns and operates 92 units of affordable housing in Douglas County. Many of our developments feature energy-efficient appliances and heating/cooling units, common rooms for activities and parties, laundry facilities and playgrounds. Some have additional amenities like raised garden beds. Most of our residents are families with children. Our developments serve residents with some of the greatest barriers to obtaining housing-those who were formerly homeless, those with physical disabilities or serious mental illness, those with substance abuse disorders and those who are formerly incarcerated. Many of those we house have poor rental histories, criminal records and poor credit scores that prevent them from obtaining housing elsewhere. Because we help many who struggle to obtain employment, we keep our rents at some of the lowest rates found in the County. We also offer supportive services for many of our residents, and some of our housing includes offices for support staff on-site. Our developments are located throughout the County, including in Drain, Sutherlin, Roseburg, Green, Winston and Canyonville.

You can view a gallery of our properties here.

If you know someone who is interested in our affordable housing, please have them call (541) 492-3510.