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UCAN Heat Assistance

UCAN helps people pay for their heating bills, using different sources of funding. The purpose of these programs is to help people so they do not have to make difficult choices, such as whether to pay for food or heating, to prevent power shut-offs, and to address emergency energy needs.

Our staff administer the local:

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP): This federal fuel assistance program helps low-income families pay their heating bills. LIHEAP fuel assistance pays some of the winter heating costs for eligibile families. The benefit amount depends on family income, family size, and heating sources.

Oregon Energy Assistance Program: This electric bill payment assistance program helps low-income families with an account with Pacific Power pay their heating bills. The purpose of this program is to prevent Pacific Power families from having their service shut off.

As an additional service, we provide qualifying residents with conservation kits to reduce energy and water use and improve home safety. Kits include:

  • 13 watt Compact Fluorescent Light bulb
  • Low flow kitchen sink aerator
  • Low flow bathroom sink aerator
  • Safety caps for electric outlets
  • Foam outlet switch covers
  • Refrigerator thermometer
  • Low flow shower head
  • Light switch cover with temperature and humidity display
  • LED night light

In some cases, we also distribute window kits and additional compact fluorescent lights.

If you know someone who needs energy assistance, please have them call (541) 672-3421 in Douglas County or (541) 956-4050 in Josephine County.