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UCAN Solar Project

Over the past 5 years UCAN has incorporated renewable energy and green building practices into all new construction projects and has retrofitted existing projects to be more eco-friendly. The original plans for UCAN's Martha Young Family Service Center included the installation of solar panels to reduce energy costs and allow more funding for client services.

With the increasing need in the community due to the current financial climate, the Martha Young Family Service Center has become a lifeline for a growing number of Douglas County residents.

The implementation of the much anticipated solar project not only will reduce UCAN's carbon footprint, but will free up much needed funds for client-driven services. An estimated yearly savings in utility costs of 15% puts funds that are not being used for utilities back into highly utilized client programs.

Project Summary

  • System: 24 kW roof mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) system (23.94 kW)
  • Panels: 114 Evergreen (brand) ES-A 210-fa3 (model)
  • Inverter: 2 Fronius (brand) IG Plus 11.4-3 (model)
  • Orientation: 210 degrees (Southwest)
  • Tilt: 25 and 14 degrees (angle)
  • Estimated annual electricity provided by solar: 15%
  • Contractor: Energy Independence Company - Glide, OR
  • Electrician: Vision Electric - Roseburg, OR
  • Roofer: Roseburg Roofing - Roseburg, OR