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Douglas County Food Warehouse Solar Project

Over the past 11 years UCAN has incorporated renewable energy and green building practices into all new construction projects and has retrofitted existing projects to be more eco-friendly.

At the time of its construction in 2008, UCAN's Joyce Morgan Regional Food Bank was built "solar ready" with the hope that a solar photovoltaic (PV) system could be installed at some time in the future. A generous grant from Pacific Power's Blue Sky program along with incentives from the Energy Trust of Oregon, made it possible to implement the much anticipated solar project, and the system became operational on March 8, 2012.

UCAN's Joyce Morgan Regional Food Bank distributes food to community kitchens and food pantries throughout Douglas County and plays a vital role in feeding those in our community who are in need of emergency food assistance. The Food Bank is equipped with two walk-in freezers and two walk-in refrigeration units and the installation of the solar system will make a significant impact on reducing energy costs and decreasing UCAN's carbon foot print. It is estimated that the system will generate approximately 33% of the annual energy used by the food bank. The savings in energy costs will allow UCAN to put funds that are not being used for utilities back into its food program.

Project Summary

  • System: 37 kW roof mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) system (37.44 kW)
  • Panels: 156 SolarWorld(brand) SunModules (model)
  • Inverter: IPV Powered (brand) PVP-35K-208V-LV (model)
  • Estimated annual electricity provided by solar: 33%
  • Contractor: Clean Scene Solar - Myrtle Creek, OR
  • Electrician: Vision Electric - Roseburg, OR